Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands

Do you want to have beautiful arabic mehndi designs for your hands? Is your wedding day coming up or you want to go on someone else wedding? Right here on this webpage, we will be providing and offering you some of the splendid and extra ordinary arabic mehndi designs for hands only. As we all know that mehndi is all time favorite for girls. Even women of older age groups prefer applying mehndi on their hands, feet!
If we talk only about arabic mehndi designs then they are quite and rather famous these days. We have seen that most of the girls prefer having peacock and flowery patterns on their hands. One thing has also been taken into account that arabic mehndi designs cover hands from both the sides. Even the designs are been jam-packed and thoroughly covered, still hands give an excellent and top class look. In the older days, we used to have only round tikka because this tikka design was considered to be one of the simplest designs. Now, the scenario has been changed totally and completely. From the studies, we came to know that girls and women are now in dire and extreme need to have best Arabic mehndi designs. Talking about the peacock designs, flowery patterns, floral designs, we are now moving with the tomb patterns too. We have seen that tomb shaped designs are also famous and renowned with regard to these Arabic mehndi designs.
One thing should be kept in mind that you need to have a professional artist or an expert to apply these Arabic mehndi designs on your hands. These designs are not that much easy and convenient to apply. Many experts have also suggested that on a mehndi day, bride should consider applying an Arabic mehndi design by taking help from some professional.
Not only Arabic designs but Indian mehndi designs, Pakistani mehndi designs, Turkish mehndi designs are also in great and massive demand these. Mehndi is all time favorite and any design will certainly appeal and attract a girl.
Here on this webpage, we will be sharing some of the pictures and images of these mehndi designs. Have a look at them and pick out your favorite design. Make sure that you make use of best cone mehndi so that design may apply in the best possible way and color may also come in a top class and out class way. As soon as more mehndi designs will arrive in the market, we will surely and certainly be updating you on regular basis. So, yes it is high time that you all should start applying mehndi on your hands. Add more beauty in your personality and enhance it by considering mehndi. Check out the pictures and do let us know your feedback and review regarding these mehndi designs in Arabic touch. Enjoy having these designs and make your wedding day more special and well excited enough.


  1. What a nice post! I was wondering what those designs means, now I know they are called Mehndi. I can see you have a great collection of arabic mehndi designs and I love them all! They are so cool and cute. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Globally mehndi design or Henna is used for weddings and traditional functions in South East Asia to temporary Henna tattoos everywhere. The henna tattoos are much smaller tattoo designs such as a heart or a bird on the arm or shoulders, but the traditional Arabic mehndi designs are usually adopted by women on weddings and traditional holidays such as Eids. In South East Asia there is a separate wedding function called mehndi where there are dances, songs and the bride gets imprinted with mehndi designs.

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