Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Simple Mehndi Designs for Hands 2014

If you are a real and actual Mehndi lover then you will surely and certainly be looking for simple Mehndi designs for hands. 2014 is coming up and new Mehndi designs are on its way. Right here on this webpage, we will be sharing and updating simple Mehndi designs for the year 2014. These designs are quite and rather simple and you will not need any professional help or guidance to apply this Mehndi on your hands.
In the year 2014, flower Mehndi designs will be getting massive amount of attention. You will also be having peacock Mehndi design right there at your door step. As we all know that Pakistan is that kind of country which is extremely rich in cultural and traditional elements. When a wedding takes place then the bride will be considered incomplete if she will not be having Mehndi on her hands. So, we can say that Mehndi designs will keep on coming each and every year and you will surely keep on trying these new designs if you love applying Mehndi on your hands.
Moving on, most of the girls prefer having Tikka on their hands. It is one of the simplest designs and this design is again coming up in 2014. Some geometric pattern Mehndi designs are also on their way. One thing will notice that these latest Mehndi designs of 2014 are extremely easy. Even if you are going to draw this design for the very first time on your hands, we are sure that you are going to do it full and thorough perfection. It has also been viewed that some of the girls also apply Mehndi on their nails. From the studies, we came to know that applying Mehndi on nails was a very old fashion but now this trend is getting back. Right in 2014, we will be seeing girls and women having Mehndi on their nails.
Lastly, it has also been taken into account that Arabic Mehndi designs, Indian Mehndi designs and Turkish Mehndi designs will sooner or later be coming up in 2014. Deigns are simple and do not involve any kind of complexity. It is high time that you should try out all these designs. Make your wedding and make wedding day of your friends more special by making use of these Mehndi designs.
Here on this webpage, we are updating the pictures and images of simple Mehndi designs that will be coming in year 2014. Just check out them and pick out your favorite design. If some wedding or a Mehndi event is coming at your end then these designs will certainly and without a doubt are helpful for you. Get all latest, trendy and stylish Mehndi designs from here and let us know your feedback with regard to the designs. Enjoy having these amazing and splendid Mehndi patterns and make a plunge into totally different Mehndi world. Stay here on this page in order to remain updated.


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  2. Really great mehndi designs. mehndi is custom in India and pakistan. You have lot great designs in your collection. Some of your Mehndi designs for hands are really wonderful.


  3. These mehndi designs are all pretty and beautiful! I love them all and they seem easy to create. I'd probably start with this. Easyday

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